7 Wet Weather Pet Door Tips

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7 Wet Weather Pet Door Tips

Wet Weather Pet Door TipsIf you have a cat or dog, you need wet weather pet door tips to survive the rainy season. Inclement weather can be hectic for you and your pets. Here’s how to handle storms with a pet door.

1. Secure the Pet Door in Wet Weather

Some pets enjoy playing outside in wet weather and will run in and out, making a terrible mess. Make sure you close and lock the pet door when it’s not in use, so your pet doesn’t track in rain and mud. A1 On Track installs pet doors that lock for security and convenience.

2. Weather-Proof the Pet Door

Your doggy door should be equipped with proper insulation and a weather seal to keep the rain out. Security Boss Pet Doors get the job done.

3. Create a Positive Experience

Certain pets may be reluctant to take care of business outdoors while it’s raining, which can lead to unpleasant accidents in your house. Reward your pet with treats whenever he or she goes outside using the pet door when it’s wet.

4. Teach Your Dog to Hurry

You don’t want your dog getting wetter than necessary. Use a word like “hurry” so that he or she doesn’t lollygag and use a reward once the business is taken care of so that they come back inside quickly.

5. Keep a Towel by the Door

The last thing you want is your pet to prance into your home soaking wet and muddy and soil everything. Keep towels ready so you can get rid of the excess mud and water before it gets on the carpet and couch.

6. Get a Doggy Raincoat

Let’s face it–dressing up your dog is cute, and it can also be practical. A raincoat will keep your pooch much dryer and minimize the wet dog smell when he returns.

7. Cover the Outdoor Area

To make your pets more comfortable and cleaner, you might consider covering the area outside the pet door with a shade, canopy, or awning.

Follow these wet weather pet door tips to keep you and your furry friends happy. For pet door installation and repair, call A1 On Track at (408) 866-­0267.


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