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A Quick Guide to Energy-Efficient Sliding Glass Doors

Energy Efficient Sliding Glass Doors Installing energy-efficient sliding glass doors is just one part of an eco-smart strategy for your home, but this critical home improvement upgrade can help save money on your energy bill. With the U.S. Department of Energy revealing that air leakage through inefficient exterior doors can drive up residential heating and cooling costs, the need to swap out existing doors with wisely selected energy-efficient sliding glass doors becomes evident.

Selecting the Right Sliding Door Models

According to the federal government’s ENERGY STAR program, glass doors and windows are assigned U-factor ratings that reveal their energy efficiency. The U-factor simply measures how well the product resists heat flow, and lower U-factors indicate greater insulative properties. The National Fenestration Rating Council assigns a glazing level based on the ratio of glass to frame in a door’s construction and offers U-factor recommendations for exterior doors:

  • Doors with ½-Lite glazing level or less: ideal U-factors of 0.25 or less
  • Products rated above ½-Lite glazing level: ideal U-factors of 0.30 or less

However, a product’s U-factor isn’t the only characteristic you need to consider as you pick your upgrades or replacements. Keep in mind that the sliding door design can be an optimal space-saving solution. Also, climate-specific options in energy-efficient sliding glass doors include low-e insulating glass with argon for colder climates, hurricane-shield glass and double-pane or triple-pane varieties.

Energy-Efficient Sliding Glass Doors in the San Jose Area

Choosing your energy-efficient sliding glass doors is the first step in getting a lifetime of beauty, energy savings and performance. When you need maintenance, repair or replacement services for your doors, trust the same professionals that your neighbors turn to: A1 On Track.

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