Accordion Doors Need Regular Maintenance Too

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Accordion Doors Need Regular Maintenance, Too

Accordion doors are a perfect solution when you need to divide a space into smaller rooms. Common in schools and other public buildings, they take up little space and are easy to operate.

Like all sliding doors, accordion doors need regular maintenance in order to continue working smoothly year after year. This is true whether your accordion door is made of a single piece of vinyl that telescopes, or several wood or wood-like panels.

A-1 On Track offers these tips on how to keep your accordion doors in top shape

  • Keep the tracks clean. The No. 1 reason sliding doors malfunction is because dirt, dust, or debris has been allowed to accumulate in the tracks. Use a damp rag to clean the interior of the track frequently.
  • Check the motor – automatic accordion doors that implement a motor to open and close them are becoming popular. Unless you are handy, hire a sliding door professional to check the motor on a regular basis, maybe once a year.
  • Check the rollers that fit within the track often. A shot of silicone spray every once in a while keeps the rollers working smoothly. If the door becomes difficult to open and close, have a contractor check the condition of the rollers.
  • Avoid heat and steam – exposing the panel to these can cause it to crack or even break.

Additional suggestions to maintain your accordion doors in good working order

  • When not in use, keep the accordion doors in the contracted position.
  • Open and close the doors slowly. Less expensive models can be torn or damaged when operated with force.

A-1 On Track also recommends you purchase the best quality accordion door you can afford. The upgrade in quality is worth the slightly higher investment.

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