Shower Door Cleaning – a New Year’s Resolution

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Shower Door Cleaning – A New Year’s Resolution

Make shower door cleaning the New Year’s resolution you actually keep.

It may seem that water spots and soap scum accumulate almost instantly on your shower door after a cleaning. But it’s easier to keep your door sparkling by following one simple step: Employing a squeegee.

After every shower, squeegee water off the shower door. While you’re at it, wipe the shower walls, too. It’s a task that takes less than a minute but is worth the trouble because it cuts down on the buildup of scum and makes occasional, full-scale cleaning easier.

You may be surprised at how quickly you can train yourself to reach automatically for the squeegee after you’ve showered.

The bottom door frame track is a particularly tough area of the shower to keep clean. Along with a squeegee, keep a toothbrush on hand to occasionally scrub the track and clean door hinges.

As for keeping your glass shower door spotless, there are several options:

  • Spray a mix of one part vinegar to two parts water onto the door, then wipe with black-and-white newspaper pages – no color ads or photos. This method uses no harsh chemicals, a big plus. Make sure to keep vinegar and other cleaners off certain tile materials such as travertine.
  • Apply Bar Keepers Friend with a wet cloth, then wipe clean. BKF is great at removing both soap scum and water spots and seems to keep the glass clean longer. It comes in both a powder and gel version, neither of which is abrasive.
  • Use a damp dryer sheet to soften soap scum, then remove residue with a wet sponge.
  • Spray Rain X, a glass cleaner for automobiles, to remove soap scum. This product also works as a water repellant, which helps cut down on water spotting.

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