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Sliding glass doors offer beautiful vistas of your garden or the Bay Area seascape. Elegant, convenient, and easy-to-use, they provide easy access to your balcony or backyard, and bring in fresh air. However, with neglect or wear, they may sometimes get stuck and will not open or shut smoothly. Here are 5 common glass sliding door repairs that our technicians perform on a regular basis:

  1. Rusted, bent or broken rollers: Daily wear and the salty Bay Area air can take a toll on your sliding door’s rollers. Replacing rusted metal rollers or broken plastic ones is not a DIY job. It involves removing the heavy door, remounting it, and then adjusting it to the correct height. To avoid operational issues and ensure safety, you should call an experienced technician for the job.
  2. Bent or broken track: Bent tracks can prevent your door from moving smoothly or cause it to get stuck. Wrestling with your door to make it slide may pull it completely off the track. Trying to even out the tracks with a hammer can cause more damage and breakage. A broken track is a safety issue because the door support is compromised. Call a sliding door repair technician right away.
  3. Misaligned wheels: Spraying lubricant will not fix this problem. When the rollers (wheels) come off the track, your door might not open or close. Trying to force the wheels back on can break them and damage the track. There could be several reasons for misalignment, including missing screws. Professional repair will save you the cost of replacement.
  4. Collapsed top frame: This is a fairly common problem with double sliding doors that do not have a large enough wall opening or a frame made of inferior quality metal. In some cases, improper installation or repair could also be the cause.
  5. Broken glass: Replacing a pane in your glass sliding door is a time-consuming, complex, and dangerous job that only a trained professional should perform. The risk of injury aside, any mistake will bring more problems down the road. Our technicians are meticulous, and will test your door after repairs to ensure it is working properly.

Mobile Service for Common Sliding Glass Door Repairs in the Bay Area

At A1 On Track Sliding Door, Inc., we offer cost-effective solutions and respond promptly to service calls. The experienced technicians in our mobile service team have vans fully-stocked with quality replacement parts to get the job done without delay. Our experience over the past 30+ years includes repairing and replacing all types of sliding glass doors.

Whether it is for your patio, tub and shower, or closet door, you can trust in our high-quality products, skilled workmanship, and impeccable service.

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