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Pet Door Security Tips from Bay Area Door Experts

Pet doors are convenient. Even when you are away, your dog or cat can access your yard to do their business, or get outside for some fresh air and exercise. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up accidents around your house. The down side is that these doors can also provide easy access to burglars. Here are some valuable pet door security tips that will help keep your Bay Area home safe from intruders and critters.

How to Secure Your Pet Door

  1. Lock the security tabs at night, and when you are away. Most pet doors have locking tabs to secure the panels. These are only accessed from inside. While your pet cannot go out when the door is locked, unwanted visitors cannot get in.
  2. Keep the key out of reach: Don’t make the mistake of leaving it near the pet door for convenience. There are instances where intruders have stolen keys using wire hangers inserted through gaps in pet doors.
  3. Consider an electronic lock. If it’s time to replace your pet door, consider one with an electronic lock. An infrared receiver on your pet’s collar will trigger it open. It will remain locked if anything or anyone else tries to open it.
  4. Get a security alarm for the pet door: The sensors will trigger the alarm when anything that is larger (or smaller) than your pet tries to access the door.
  5. Do not keep food close to the pet door. This will draw raccoons and other scavenging critters to your home.
  6. Secure the backyard gates with burglarproof locks. This will prevent burglars from getting into the yard and trying to access your home through the pet door.
  7. Install motion sensor lights outside. A well-lit home dissuades burglars because they do not want to be seen. Motion-activated lights will come on when anyone comes near your home, and deters intruders by startling them.

If you are tired of that ugly pet panel in your patio door or your existing pet door is worn out, consider replacing it. New pet doors fit seamlessly into your glass patio doors, are weather proof, and lock securely. You can also install a pet door in the wall, for enhanced safety.

Improve Home Security with a New Pet Door

At A1 On Track Sliding Door, Inc., we offer a range of pet door systems to suit the diverse needs of Bay Area homeowners. You can customize a size to fit your pet and your existing door or wall. We provide specialty solutions for French doors, so you do not sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. Integrated systems are also available for your screen door. Take advantage of skilled installation by our trained technicians, and experience exceptional customer service.

Read these testimonials from homeowners across the San Francisco Bay Area that count on us for cost-effective solutions and trouble-free installation. Our team will be happy to offer more pet door security tips for your home.

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