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In California, sliding doors are wonderful for bringing the temperate outdoors inside. But with winter on its way, you’ll want to keep the chill from coming into your home.

There are steps you can take to be sure your sliding doors are ready for the colder months. The good news: Winter-proofing your sliders also pays benefits during the summer months by keeping warm air outside.

Outfitting your sliding door with full-length shades or drapes is the most effective way of keeping cold air from seeping indoors. Installing them requires a bit of work and they can be moderately expensive. But shades or drapes are a stylish way to add insulation and keep energy costs down.

Forget opening and closing by hand. Many high-end shades and drapes are automated and can be operated via smartphone or computer. Programs enable you to adjust the amount of light in a room throughout the day, all year long.

Manufacturers also offer a feature in which the edges of the drape or shade can be sealed to the wall or door, usually through the use of velcro or vertical tracks, for maximum protection against cold or heat.

Other, simpler steps to prepare your sliding doors for winter:

  • Replace old weatherstripping If your sliders are at least five years old, it’s possible you have air leaks. At the minimum, install weatherproofing on both sides of the moveable door.
  • Make sure the door shuts tightly by checking how the rollers, track and lock function. Even a slight gap that allows cold air to seep inside increases heating costs over a couple of months.

Is it time to replace your aging sliding doors? A-1 On Track, the sliding door professionals, suggest you consider buying quality doors that include advanced insulated glass. The extra cost is worth it.

Be certain your sliding doors are in top shape all year around. Trust A-1 On Track for repairs or replacement. Call us at 408-866-0267 for more information on the products we install or to schedule a consultation.


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