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Sliding doors are wonderful for bringing the California outdoors inside. But when El Niño ushers in a wet winter, you may want to have your sliding doors inspected.

If you are accustomed to maintaining your sliders, the following steps should be simple for you. If not, call a local contractor such as A-1 On Track to inspect all sliding doors in your home and make certain they are prepared for El Niño.

Here’s how to keep the rain and the chill outside and keep your sliders working all year round:

  • Weatherstripping is important. If your sliders are a few years old, check the seals around the edges of both the stationary and active doors. If weatherstripping is gone or damaged, remove dried adhesive before applying the new stripping. All types of weatherstripping are available at hardware or home improvement stores. The more expensive weatherstripping does a better job of sealing off cold air.
  • Caulk around the perimeter of the door casing, inside and out, if you detect gaps.
  • Make certain your screen door is securely fastened within its track. Strong winds can dislocate a screen door that is slightly off track.
  • Check the lock to make sure it functions properly and allows the door to close tightly.
  • After rain subsides, take a minute to check your sliders. Moisture in the tracks should be soaked up with a dry cloth to prevent rusting or deterioration of the rollers.

An additional tip: Storm doors protect expensive wood or wood veneer front doors from the elements. Storms doors that are unobtrusive and that won’t hide the beauty of your front door can be bought and installed relatively inexpensively.

No matter how much rain El Niño brings, well-maintained sliders are up to the task. Call A-1 On Track, the sliding door experts, at 408-866-0267 for repairs or replacement.


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