Myths about Pet Doors Part 3

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Myths about Pet Doors Part 3

With this third blog post on myths about choosing pet doors, A-1 On Track tries to clear up the confusion about purchasing and installing a door for your dog or cat.

Some common misconceptions we hear about pet doors:

  • Any door type can accommodate a pet door. As sliding door professionals, we are sometimes asked to install pet openings on doors that are not suited for them. Thin or hollow-core doors are often not sturdy enough to accommodate a pet door. Before you buy a pet door, check to be certain it will work with the type of door you have.
  • My dog or cat won’t be able to push the door. A newly installed pet door may intimidate smaller pets. Most of the time, your animals will manage with no trouble after a little training. Use treats to encourage your pets to go in and out of the door until they become comfortable with the flap touching their bodies. In some cases, the attached magnets may actually make the flap too heavy for a small pet. Check to see if replacing with lighter magnets will solve the problem.
  • Energy bills will be more expensive. If you are concerned your new pet door is allowing cold or warm air into the house, look into purchasing a pet door with strong magnets that seal the flap tightly. If you are still worried about energy bills, consider installing an electronic pet door, which opens and closes when triggered by an electronic key on your pet’s collar.

Are the myths about pet doors still confusing you? Call A-1 On Track, the pet door experts, at 408-866-0267 today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and install the perfect pet door for your home, and your animal.


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