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Effective Sliding Door Security Ideas Keep Your Home Safe

With so many ideas for sliding door security available, burglars should find it nearly impossible to break into your home.

Unfortunately, homeowners don’t always take precautions to prevent break-ins. A-1 On Track, the sliding door contractors, frequently repairs patio and rear porch sliders broken by intruders. In many cases, the damaged doors and subsequent break-in could have been prevented.

Burglars target sliding glass doors because the doors’ back-of-the-house location offers less chance of being seen by neighbors or anyone passing by. Many intruders think breaking the glass is an easier way to get inside a house than busting down a conventional door.

One security measure is elemental: Remember to lock your doors before leaving the house. Homeowners who routinely lock the front door often forget to lock sliding doors, or mistakenly think locking them is unnecessary because they are in the rear of a house. When you are away, secure every possible point of entry to keep intruders out.

These Sliding Door Security Ideas Keep the Bad Guys Away

A-1 On Track offers a few more sliding door security tips:

  • Place a sturdy metal security bar in the bottom of the doorframe and against the sliding door. Even if your slider has a conventional lock, the bar is added insurance against a break-in.
  • Add a second lock, to either the top or bottom of your slider. Burglars are in a hurry and may give up if breaking in means damaging a second lock.
  • Install a quality slider with glass that is resistant to breaking. It may cost a bit more, but this tough glass could prevent your home from being ransacked by burglars. You may also want to apply special “security” sheets of film over the glass. The film makes the glass more difficult to shatter or break.
  • Install a security system. It may not prevent damage to your sliding door from intruders, but the resulting alarms often scare them off. Also, placing a security system decal on the door often causes an intruder to go elsewhere.
  • Hire professionals to install your new sliding glass door. Burglars sometimes try to crowbar the entire door out of the frame in order to enter a home. A stable, well-installed door discourages a burglar from using this tactic.

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